Introducing HOOP TIME!

Hoop Time

BYOBall and visit the Nature Fresh Farms Recreation Centre for after school Hoop Time! This open time is dedicated for unstructured play against different skill levels for players of all ages. Drop-in Hoop Time is a fun and positive way to practice new skills, get your daily dose of physical activity and spend time with friends!

Starting Monday, March 7th:

Hoop Time Hours
3PM-5PM 3PM-5PM 3PM-4:30PM 3PM-5PM 3PM-5PM

Membership or Drop-in rates apply. The NFFRC is currently only accepting Debit or Credit transactions. We are asking players to supply their own basket balls.


Current Schedules:

Pickleball and Badminton Schedule



Gym rentals.

For booking inquiries e-mail:



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